Want An Online TEFL Course?

Online TEFL Course

Want An Online TEFL Course?

Are you thinking of pursuing an online TEFL course? I’ll cut right to the chase.

There are numerous online companies offering super-cheap online TEFL certificates. Some may be legit, others won’t be.

I’m simply going to tell you the company I went with, which in turn was recommended to me. The course is real and so is the study involved. Best of all, so is the TEFL certificate. As well as easily finding work teaching online, I’ve also taught in a classroom in Thailand. Schools and agencies recognise the bonafide TEFL courses.

I completed my course with The TEFL Academy, who claim to be accredited by Qualifi, an Ofqual regulated awarding body.

Online TEFL course
Want To Get A TEFL Course?

Why Pay More for a TEFL course?

We all know, you get what you pay for in life. TEFL courses are no different.

The question is not only about money and getting a recognised qualification. It’s about (or should be about) the quality of the course. Studying quality training materials, completing coursework and obtaining feedback is a fundamental part of any course. Teaching is no different.

If you’re serious about being a good teacher, it’s well worth putting in the effort and a little investment from the outset.

Online teaching is a competitive market. If you don’t have proper training, some areas of teaching could be a struggle. Either the parents or any staff observing your class may be less likely to rebook you. Encountering a young student online, who might not speak a word of English (or be very interested in learning) is not an unusual scenario. Developing the necessary skills to engage them beforehand is pretty useful. 😀

Likewise, if you’re teaching in a classroom you could find yourself thrown in the deep end, feeling lost or frustrated at how to impart your vast knowledge or get the results the school and parents want.

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Make A Success of Teaching…

Parents pay a lot of money for their kids to learn English from native speakers, so acquiring the skills to be able to teach them effectively was important to me. As a new teacher, I wanted to give myself the best chance of success and feel as confident as I could – by getting a legitimate TEFL qualification.

Apart from being able to start teaching in good conscience, the skills I learnt meant that teaching was all the more rewarding. Being able to communicate with young students who may not speak a word of English is no easy task, so it’s super-rewarding when they get it! How is this even possible?

It works because YOU took the time to develop the skills to communicate effectively!

I completed a 120 hour online TEFL  course and a 20 hour -in-classroom TEFL course with The TEFL Academy.

For current online TEFL courses, check out their website at The TEFL Academy.

Got your TEFL and Wondering What’s Next?

Check out my feature Teach English Online With Palfish.

I have been teaching online with Palfish for over a year and I love it! Being able to work from home, set my own hours and go back to bed between classes (occasionally!) is awesome! I’ve provided detailed info on how to apply, what it’s like to work with Palfish and how much you can make teaching English online. You’ve also got the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Teach Online Palfish Laura
Teach English Online With Palfish


Trying to decide between Online Teaching or Classroom Teaching?

Here I go into the main differences between them, so you can work out what you’re best suited to!

And if you want to join me, apply here to teach on Palfish, You’ll be prompted to download the app, so ensure you’re on a smartphone or tablet. Note, if you join through my link, I’m very happy to help you through the application process. Message me on here!

Want An Online TEFL Course?

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