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Teach Online 247!

Looking for a change of direction? Consider teaching online!

If you want…
-The independence to work from anywhere
-To be able to set your own hours
-To have a rewarding “job” educating well-behaved kids (well, mostly!)

the world of online teaching is calling you!

The main criteria are that you must be a native English speaker with access to a decent internet connection.

I’ve taught with Palfish for over a year. Here I will share full details of how to apply, what Palfish pay and what it’s really like to teach English to Chinese students.

If you join through me, I’ll also give you individual help throughout the application process.

Check out my feature Teach English Online With Palfish.

Teach English Online With Palfish
Teach English Online With Palfish

Here at Teach Online 247, I provide personalised help throughout the application if you join through my link. In doing so, I make a small commission. This helps to fund my website, which in turn I aim to keep up to date. I hope you find my site useful. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions!

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Here on this website, I’ll go into detail of my experiences of teaching online, from the very beginning and how I’ve made it work for me.


Teach English Online

Want an Online TEFL Course?

The company I used is The TEFL Academy. This may not be the cheapest course available, but I’ve used it personally and it’s provided me with the skills I need to make a successful career of teaching.

Also see my article on getting an Online TEFL course.

Check out the rest of the site for more information on how to teach online!

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